Providing a systematic solution to reducing homelessness, improving quality of life, and putting money back into the community

Prevention of homelessness, improving quality of life

I-PLUS (Independent Positive Living Under Supervision) is an organization that  assists formerly chronically homeless individuals who qualify for government disability benefits to remain stably housed seek treatment and become financially responsible.

Through victimization and financial mismanagement, disabled individuals too often fall into a cycle of homelessness, substance abuse, crime, and hospitalization.  I-PLUS offers a solution to this cycle by acting as the client’s representative payee and together with case managers and treatment providers, disburse clients government funds to assure their basic needs and treatments are met.  The result is a positive, cost-effective application of government disability benefits which improves the quality of life for the individual client as well as the community at large.

Financially conservative

With the I-PLUS model, government disability assistance is used directly for housing, food, and other basic needs and put back into the community rather than mismanaged or extorted by others taking advantage of the disabled individuals.  By providing stable housing, the burden and cost to society through shelters and soup kitchens, courts and jails, and hospitalization can be greatly reduced, more than $35,000 annually per client*.

You can make a difference.  Please help us change the lives of chronically disabled.


* [Footnote from Department of Veteran Affairs Study, 2004 and Department of Human Services, 1999]

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