Nearly 50% Of Our
Homeless Are Veterans Of The Armed Forces

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There is an issue with homelessness that we’re working hard to fix. Many homeless people are homeless despite receiving money from the government monthly. This is due to many factors, including mental illness, being taken advantage of by drug dealers, family and others. Nearly 50% of the homeless people living in the areas we serve are veterans of the armed forces. Many of them are I-PLUS clients.

About I-PLUS

I-PLUS (Independent Positive Living Under Supervision) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social service agency that works to stem the issue of homelessness by ensuring that money intended for the homeless is disbursed properly.  It arranges a bank account and works with landlords and other providers are paid for rent and utilities directly, with no intervention from the benefactor.  I-PLUS aims to keep the homeless housed instead of in shelters due to poor money management.

How I-PLUS Works

Money Management

I-PLUS assists each client in getting a bank account established, and arranges for the monthly checks to be deposited into this account. By working with local landlords, I-PLUS arranges for housing, and then pays rent, utilities, and other fixed costs directly to the providers. Clients receive a weekly allowance checks for food, clothing, and other expenses. This check must be picked up at the I-PLUS office.

Tied to Treatment

In order for a client to receive their check, they may be required to attend an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting, a NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting, receive one-on-one counseling, and/or receive other support.

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