I-PLUS Services And How They Work

  • Budget construction interactive between staff and clients
  • Rent/bills paid in a timely manner
  • Weekly/monthly “client spend” checks
  • Build up of savings for individuals

young_homeless_manI-PLUS clients have long histories of chronic homelessness due to mental illness, drug/alcohol addictions, family dysfunction, violence, and/or unemployment. Clients referred to I-PLUS through the above partnerships are also provided with individual case management services through these organizations. These case manager work within the community to find housing for individuals and  as representative payee, I-PLUS provides the security of money management to ensure that monthly living expenses, which are paid from the individual clients bank account, is kept current for continued stable housing.

Each client’s monthly Social Security, VA benefits or employment check is deposited into their own individual bank account arranged by I-PLUS. A budget is formed with an I-PLUS Client Advisor, the client and case manager or family member balancing income with expense needs.  I-PLUS pays rents, utilities, and other fixed costs directly to the providers on behalf of each client based on their budgeted amount. On a weekly or monthly basis
each client will pick up their personal spending checks at the I-PLUS office or VA site.  In some cases a client who is mandated to have a representative payee may be required by their case manager to attend wellness meetings as directed by their treatment team before personal spending money is disbursed.

The triangle of care between the I-PLUS Client Advisor, client and case manager is the key to success for our clients. Communication within the triangle anticipates issues before they happen and solutions to maintain the clients security and well being.

During a typical month, I-PLUS manages more than $125,000 for an average client load of 180 per month. To date, 63% of our clients are veterans.

Where Do Our Clients Come From?

I-PLUS serves northeastern Illinois through referrals from community social service agency partnerships. These partnerships include the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, Lake County Court system, James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, Edward Hines Jr. VA hospital, PADS Crisis Services, Catholic Charities, The Independence Center, and the Lake County ACT team. We also receive referrals from clients who recommend their friends and family.

We always welcome more partnerships!



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