Point In Time Count on January 24, 2018

Lake County Homeless Map

Homeless Systems map of lake county homeless

Lake County Coalition for the Homeless conducts a "point in time" count of homeless individuals in Lake County on a bi-annual basis to help determine how many people are in need of assistance. It was determined that over 1,700 individuals and families experience homelessness in a year in Lake County. 

The I-PLUS Team

The I-PLUS team at the lake county homeless count on January 24, 2018

The I-PLUS team joined about 100 other volunteers for the Point in Time Count  for Lake County Homeless Count at 10 pm on January 24th. From left to right:

  • Mara Otero, Client Services Advisor
  • Felicia Holland, Executive Director
  • Lee Frantz, Board President

Counting the Homeless

Lake County Homeless Count instructions being given to volunetter

Volunteers in teams of at least 6 or more were given maps of geographic areas to search to determine how many homeless people there are in Lake County on any given night.  The count ended for us around 3 am after each group checked key locations to conduct the count and offer aid. 

Volunteers bundled up for the Count!

Volunteers bundled up to begin the homeless count

Approximately 100 volunteers came out in sub-zero temperatures to count the homeless and offer aid and blankets to any homeless individuals sleeping out in the cold. Good thing everyone bundled up!

Homelessness By Gender and Age


Based on the Point in Time Count, one in three people experiencing homeless in Lake County is a child. 

Homelessness By Race


The chart shows the racial dynamics of homelessness in Lake County. Each color-code section represents the percentage of homelessness by ethnic group in Lake County. 

  • Red Section = White
  • Orange Section = African-American / Black
  • Blue Section = Asian
  • Green Section = Multiple Races